Following activities, purpose to reach the project’s main aim and sub-targets. These activities and services will be supported by online tools as well as they will be developed, designed with the contribution of project partners. In this way, it will be tried to establish a sustainable structure.

The mentioned activities are as following in a chronological order;

  • Project Kick Off Meeting (TM1)
  • Green Enterpreneurship and Employment Base-Case Research (O1)
  • Starting to Establishment of the Green Entrepreneurship and Employment Center (O2)
  • Study Visit to Hungary (C1)
  • Study Visit to Greece (C2)
  • Study Visit to Lithuania (C3)
  • Developing Applied Innovative Green Entrepreneurship Training Box (O3)
  • Developing Greenovate Interactive Web Platform (O4)
  • Testing Applied Innovative Green Entrepreneurship Training Program in Turkey (C4)
  • Revisation of the Training Contents (O3)
  • Pilot Training of the Revised Training Contents (C5)
  • Local Applied Innovative Green Entrepreneurship Trainings
  • International Green Entrepreneurship Ideas Challenge (O5)
  • Raising Green Enterpreneurs Dissemination Summit (E1)
  • Local Dissemination Events and Workshops in Turkey, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania
  • Reporting and Sustainability Works