International Green Entrepreneurship and Innovative Employment Center (Erasmus Plus KA2 ) – “Applied Innovative Green Entrepreneurship Training” implemented between 10-20 May 2018 with team working activities, presentations and workshops about green Entrepreneurship.

The short term joint staff training was for personal who work on the project and the organization representatives. By considering C1, C2 and C3 visits, draft version of our applied training program O3 has been completed. O3 content will be presented to green entrepreneur candidates in the first place at our center, which is going to be established, in Turkey and in other partner countries. Therefore, in addition to their strong and advantageous aspects, threatening and weak aspects of this educational contents should be determined and tested in order to make necessary improvements. This international mobility is our C4 event, which is our pilot education at test stage.

At C4 event, organization representatives (specialists, public employee, the private sector and NGO employee, researchers, entrepreneurs etc.) received an education program that constitutes contents generated through a 10-day intense program. This education is also be the preliminary of final education that will be given to young green entrepreneur candidates within the context of C5 event. In this program, there were workshops, practices, real-time case studies, evaluation sessions, and business visits. During this intense program, representatives had the opportunity to see the shortcomings of the program for both instructors and student entrepreneur candidates and they will put forward potential development and solution suggestions.

Training participants were 29 people from Turkey, Hungary, Greece and Lithuania.