Output 1 – Green Enterpreneurship and Employment Base – Case Research

To answer the problem and the need, a compherensive need and problem analysis and determination must be accomplished. By this means, it is possible to produce solution recommendations regarding the need and the problem and to obtain efficient outputs. Green entrepreneurship and employment topics are handled both in our country and our partner countries and there isn’t an objective research regarding the current situation of such topics.

In order to do the right problem and situation analysis, to take the pinpoint steps throughout the project and to obtain efficient results, a field research regarding the current situation was accomplished. Such research implemented in all partner countries by using all online and offline tools based on the scientific research methods. Qualitative and quantitative methods and discoveries took place within the research. The report which has been prepared by the experts has a vital importance for our project. The needs of topics like necessary methods, procedures and themes for the outputs and contents which will be produced in the project will come out from this research.

It can be reached full version of the report below in English and Turkish.