Output 2 – International Green Enterpreneurship and Employment Center

Probably the most fundamental and critical output of the project is, to establish an International Green Entrepreneurship and Employment Center (IGEC) physically and put it into practise. It is ‘‘a must‘’ since it is a very important tool to ensure sustainability and carry out activities. In other word, it is going to be the executive center. IGEC will be established at a location that Büyükçekmece Municipality will provide within itself and it is going to be a first in Turkey. There hasn’t been a center that carry outs programmes on green entrepreneurship and employment before. Such a concept is not encountered even in our partners’ countries. The center will be established based on international knowledge and innovation transfer as an integrated structure that keep it’s feet on the ground. Partners are contributing in all stages and processes. Defining the center’s functions, mission ve vision, tools to be used are determining together.

Project staff and Büyükçekmece Municipality staff take place within this center and it offers mentioned services below in line with project targets;

– Training
– Networking
– Consultancy
– Activity (meeting, workshop, seminar, conference etc.
– Physical infrastructure (co-working area) services

Applied Green Entrepreneurship Module will be used for activities such as; local dissemination activities, pilot and local implementations of the training module. Also, potential entrepreneurs will be able to use this place as an incubation center within project & idea competitions and other green entrepreneurship activities, and it will carry out guidance activities in green employment and career. The ultimate goal of the center is to contribute to the development of green entrepreneurship ecosystem, to support green entrepreneurs and young who want to have a career in this field and creating added value.

Through this pilot study which is aimed to achieve success, an attempt is made to build a framework that inspires and encourages the institutions, who monitor the project, that this study can be made happen.

The program of these works and providing services can be found in the Center section in the website.

The vision, sustainability and dissemination strategy, targets and team of the center can be found in the strategic roadmap plan both in Turkish and English below.