Output 3 – Applied Innovative Green Entrepreneurship Training Box

An applied training module has been developing for young candidate entrepreneurs. This kind of training module is not available in Turkey and partner countries currently. There will be a training box that contains innovative and applied training contents and tools. Basically, the module and guide helps to offer green entrepreneurship training in more efficiently and applied way, helping to have knowledge on this topic as well as candidate green entrepreneurs can benefit from training and know at least minimum requirements to put their ideas into practice so that they can analyze the situation they are in.

There are 5 fundamental documents in the box. These are:

–    Applied Innovative Green Entrepreneurship Training Courses
–    General Training and Learning Guide
–    Instructor Guide
–    Non-Formal Education Toolkit
–    Training and Learning Evaluation Kit

Contents based on non-formal learning implementations that knowledge and experience of an academy, a private sector, public and NGO sectors can be transferred in the content. The training module whose details can be found below will be tested at international pilot programs and it will take its final form after revises that feedbacks. The final edition will be used in IGEC’s local training at partner countries. Selective topics are as following


 Section A.

  1. Eco-Innovation and Sustainability Design
  2. Green Business Models
  3. Product Cycle and Natural Resource Management
  4. Emission Trade and Carbon Release
  5. Green Entrepreneurship Culture
  6. Pollution Control and Preclusion


Section B.

  1. The Lean Startup
  2. Developing Environment-Friendly Customer
  3. Developing Business Model
  4. Financial Plans and Social Cost
  5. Method and Tool Modelling
  6. Presentation to Investors
  7. Time Management
  8. Sustainability Communication
  9. Accessing Funds for Green Enterprises


General Training & Learning Guide: This manual will be sort of a guide where information regarding  training and the project is given roughly. It includes useful information to help participants understand the training module and contents better as well as helping people to keep up with trends in Turkey and the World for infrastructure.

Instructor Guide: The contents to be created will be a source that motivated candidates can consult anytime. Moreover, individuals or partner organizations can share these contents with any party or in their network. They may give this training to their own target group too. An extensive instructor guide will be created for how to implement modules for this purpose.

Non-Formal Education Toolkit : As mentioned before, training will be designed and implemented based on non-formal methods in association with program priorities. This content will be rendered to a manual for trainers in order to introduce these methods and specify where, how and when to use them so that training can be more efficient.

Training and Learning Evaluation Kit : An evaluation is needed to see the success of training, efficiency and learning outcomes for both young entrepreneurs and trainers who are going to use the training contents after completing the module. An evaluation kit will be prepared and bring into service to meet these needs within the project.

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